How We Work

From Initial Consultation to Final Inspection. We’re the only call needed to wrap up your project on time!

Punch List Crew Leaders, Lake Union – Seattle

One List to Rule them All!

When the subcontractors and trades have all finished their part of the project, there are inevitably gaps and missed details. Instead of having to schedule call backs and juggle the trades, we come in and handle the punch list items. This ultimately saves time and more efficiently meets project deadlines. 

Our Working Process

We start by assessing all areas of a project. From that we generate a detailed list of tasks left to be completed and areas in need of detailing. Once we have an agreement, we get started right away and keep you informed of the progress. Then we stay on site to make sure there’s no details that have been missed. If any issues come up in the final walk through, we take care of it immediately so you can pass the sign off inspection. 


How Can We Help?

It all starts with a phone call! After you reach out to us, we’ll schedule a preliminary meeting to detail our services and learn about the scope of your project before scheduling a time to meet on site.

We conduct an initial walk through with to get the full scope of work needed. If you already have a punch list created, we can base our proposal from that, or we will walk the site with your representative and generate a complete master list of tasks still outstanding.
Our primary function at this stage is to listen, but we will also ask pointed questions to assure that nothing is overlooked.
Once the full list of required tasks is compiled, we provide a quote with mutually agreed on terms and schedule a start date for work to begin.


The What, Where, When.

Most of the time we provide services on a Time and Materials based contract. Rather than provide a fixed rate that could cover every surface and situation, we get right to work and only bill for the time it takes to detail each unit as needed. 

On larger projects we can arrange a budget cap and keep detailed billing to inventory what work was necessary for each unit. With many smaller projects we touch base daily with the contractor to give them a progress update. 

As projects get closer to completion we adjust to the needs of the project and we keep working until our client, and their clients, are satisfied with the results.


And We're Off To The Races...

Our mission is to deliver turnkey units with minimal effort to our clients. We handle everything from Punch List and Detailing management, to the support and oversight of the work needed to be completed. The result is an efficient process to meet project deadlines.

Each crew is led by an experienced foreman to handle all follow ups, weekly goals, and quality control for each area of the punch list to efficiently and effectively complete the project.
We are capable of handling these common tasks and more:

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • All types of touch ups
  • Proper alignment of Doors & Windows
  • Millwork & Plate Covers
  • Scratch & Dent Repairs
  • Final Cleaning & Detailing
  • Punch List & Detail Management
  • Final Inspection Walk-Throughs


We're Only As Good As Our Work...

We don’t just do the work and call it a day. We’re there until the end and all terms of our agreement are met with satisfaction. Most of the time that entails a final walk-through or inspection. 

After our Punch List and Detail Crews are complete there won’t be any evidence of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to make it to the finish line.  Just to be sure though, we keep a crew on site during the inspection walk-throughs so any tiny detail or concern can be remedied immediately. This eliminates the need for a call back or second inspection in most cases, saving time and money. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver turnkey units with minimal effort to our clients. We handle everything from punch list management to the support and oversight of the work needed to be completed. The result is an efficient process and project deadlines met on time

Our Vision

We started Punch It because after working in the construction industry for years, we saw a real need for an experienced team to come in at the end of the project and take care of all the small details that were holding up completion. All too often the different trades would pass the buck or scheduling call backs were a logistical nightmare. 
So we assembled a team of experienced qualified professionals to fill in the gaps, both figurative and literally!