The difference is in the Details

Our Services

Whatever you need to get your project complete and signed off, we’re there to make it happen. 
We handle tasks large and small, professionally managing and offing support to crews. In addition to solving problems, we also get the building spotless and looking like the luxury building owners expect. 

Every fixture, every feature is inspected and guaranteed to look and work like it should before the owners move in.

Details matter. When we're done with a property the area you see will be as flawless as the structure itself!

You have deadlines and a lot of details to manage. We get you over the finish line with confidence and ease!

We’ll assess what needs to be done and get to work!

The smallest details can make a huge difference at the time of move in. The list of small tasks left to complete can grow as the time left to complete the project starts to slip away. That’s why we manage your punch list in a efficient, timely manner to guarantee the best possible outcome.
When it comes to ensuring your reputation as a high-quality builder, we work tirelessly to make your name synonymous with beautiful, well built buildings.

The Details Are The First Thing People Notice!

If you’re not familiar with construction detailing, you’re not alone. It’s a growing industry as many general contractors look to outsource this final phase of the construction process and streamline the finishing touches.
It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to complete a large project. We make sure no evidence of that is left behind. This helps builders wrap up faster and assures quality control in an efficient manner. 

Let us manage the details and finishing touches for you! 

Everyone has their specialty. Plumbers lay the pipe, electricians wire things in… When the trades finish their work, there are always more things to do. Our specialty is doing a little bit of everything! 

Rather than dealing with 10 different subcontractors to handle the wide variety of tasks needed to complete a project, you only need make one call to Punch It.

Why get bogged down with punch lists and final detailing? Let us manage all of the necessary tasks so you can focus on the big picture or your next project! 

This is what we specialize in and we excel at it! All you need to do is point us to the areas you want ready and give us your timetable. We will take it from there to deliver the kind of results your clients expect. 

Here is we can do for you!



We'll meet you on site and do a walk-through to compile a complete punch list of work to get the project finished.



Once we have all the facts, we'll quickly turn around to confirm the scope and schedule a start time.



Our goal is to deliver results without additional management. All tasks and details will be taken care of by us.



With your reputation on the line, we stand behind our work and stay on site until the new owners sign off. 

Here’s What Our Clients Say about Us

“Punch It streamlined the completion process on our 160 unit project in Bellevue. They check and double checked everything to make sure the units are ready for move in.”

Dan Patterson

Project Coordinator

“Punch It has been amazingly helpful on my jobs. I would highly recommend Punch It.”
Travis Haderli
Pacific Continental
“Punch It consistently provides us with highly skilled people and excellent service! We have used Punch It Services for owner acceptance unit turns on many of our mixed use projects over the years with great success. They are our go to trade partner when it comes to unit close out for management and skilled labor!”
Mike Kalvelage
Chinn Construction
“I was highly impressed with Punch It and their knowledge of punch management. They clearly know what their doing and have a systematic approach to getting projects finished on time”
Clayton Patano