Punch List Services

Simplify Your Punch List By Letting PUNCH IT Take Care Of Everything

Redmond Town Center Apartments

One Call Does It All!

As projects start to wrap up the number of small items left to complete may seem like a mountain of tasks. You only need to add one thing to your punch list from now on:

We will professionally manage your punch list, coordinating with subs and crews to get each unit finished and ready for the final inspection. 

The List Never Ends

The smallest details can make a huge difference at the time of move in. The list of small tasks left to complete can grow as the time left to complete the project starts to slip away. That’s why we manage your punch list in a efficient, timely manner to guarantee the best possible outcome.
When it comes to ensuring your reputation as a high-quality builder, we work tirelessly to make your name synonymous with beautiful, well built buildings.

Wall to Wall, Top to Bottom, Inside & Out

Cracks, Gaps, Dents, and Scratches...

It doesn’t matter if 99& of the surfaces in a home are perfect. Our eye will naturally be drawn to any flaw no matter how small. 

We go over ever surface with fresh eyes to find those minor imperfections, then correct them.
Typically this might include:

  • Drywall Repair & Patches
  • Repair or Apply Texture
  • Correct paint lines
  • Caulk transition lines
  • Leveling Outlets & Switches
  • Painting Touch-ups
  • Polish floors
  • Repair & Seal grout lines

Kitchens, Bathrooms and More

Perfecting Form and Functionality...

Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Laundry areas require special attention. They don’t just need to look great, they need to function flawlessly as well!

Kitchens are the heart of every home and come under close scrutiny from prospective owners. Our team focuses on providing a working kitchen that looks as good as it performs. Every fixture is tested and cabinet opened to look for leaks or minor misalignments.

Bathrooms require many different Subcontractors to work in a small space. Unfortunately this can lead to scratches or dents in the finished materials. We give the bathrooms a close inspection and check that everything is perfect in both form and function. 

Laundry areas need to live up to the same standard as living accommodations. That’s why we perform last minute tests to confirm plumbing and appliance functions are performing as expected. Storage areas and built-ins will be looked over as well in an effort to provide a consistent quality throughout. 

Moving Parts: Doors & Windows

No Squeaks, Creaks, Or Misalignments Allowed...

Small window defects can add up to expensive delays or damage. We inspect all the windows for proper operation and weatherproofing. Cosmetic details like working blinds will also be checked to meet owner expectations.

Interior Doors and Cabinets will often have small misalignments that cause them to look wonky or stick. We’ll also check each of these and make minor adjustments so they operate as you would expect. 

Our goal is to have all moving parts of a unit operating smoothly with no squeak or creaks, and everything looking consistently square. 

Punch Management: Start to Finish

No Time To Waste...

Contractors with large projects have enough on their hands. Getting mired down in finishing details and punch lists can become extremely time consuming. 
That’s why so many builders are turning to professional punch list and detail crews like Punch It!

We waste no time getting down to work. Whether you need us to start tomorrow or 6 months from now, we work with you to set goals and accomplish what needs to be done in an efficient, timely manner. 

Each of our teams is headed up and managed by an experienced forman that handles all follow ups, and weekly goals set by our clients. This provides a continuous level of quality control for each area of the punch list. 
We support our crews by equipping them with the proper training, tools, and materials needed for them to deliver the type of quality that you can be proud of.

Punch Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver turnkey units with minimal effort to our clients. We handle everything from punch list management to the support and oversight of the work needed to be completed. The result is an efficient process and project deadlines met on time

Our Vision

We started Punch It because after working in the construction industry for years, we saw a real need for an experienced team to come in at the end of the project and take care of all the small details that were holding up completion. All too often the different trades would pass the buck or scheduling call backs were a logistical nightmare. 
So we assembled a team of experienced qualified professionals to fill in the gaps, both figurative and literally!